Two Ghostly Visits in One Week


It’s been a busy week in the spirit world.

Both visits foretold of a death.


The first visit was from a family member and the second visit was from Gene Wilder.


Let’s talk about family first. I have a normal family. Totally dysfunctional, constant conflicts, intrigue, tension – in other words – normal. This is the reason that I wasn’t immediately informed about the passing of my aunt. I haven’t seen or talked to her in a very, very long time. She wasn’t a nice person.

However, I was leaving work last week and I got on the elevator. I was alone. As the door closed, I felt my aunt’s  Spirit. I knew that she had died. Since we had issues, I told her to move along, but not before she conveyed to me that she was on the Other Side.

I immediately called my sister. I told her that our aunt was dead. My sister was positive that she would have been told and she hadn’t heard anything, but I was certain. It turns out that I was right.

Four days later, my sister was informed that our aunt had passed away. She’d passed the evening before I felt her spirit. In other words…

I knew that my aunt had passed days before I was told. But my sister’s question to me was,

“Why would she contact you?”

That’s easy. Because my aunt knew that I’d acknowledge her. She knew that I’d tell others that she was on the Other Side. That’s why spirits come to me.

Unfortunately for my aunt, I looked at her Celestial Hat long before her death. She was one of the Dark Souls that I talk about in Presidential Souls. That’s why I cut her Spirit off as soon as she contacted me. I don’t communicate with Dark Souls in this life, or on the Other Side.

Let’s move on to a happier, marvelous Soul!


Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein

This same week, I was getting ready for work when I realized that a song kept playing over and over in my head. It was very early and I wasn’t awake yet, but I couldn’t stop thinking about the “Chattanooga Choo Choo” song from the Young Frankenstein movie.

Seriously, I really couldn’t make this stuff up.

I stopped short and thought, “Why is this song playing in my head?”

I haven’t seen Young Frankenstein or a movie with Gene Wilder in a long time, but I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Gene Wilder was contacting me. He’d given me a reference that he knew I’d associate him with.

I asked him, “What’s up?”

Keep in mind that I’m feeling emotions and I felt as though he was afraid we’d forget who he was. This didn’t make sense to me at the time, so I reassured him that of course we’ll remember him!

I told a few people about my visit with Gene Wilder and that I couldn’t figure out why he chose this time to visit me.

A little over a week later, Gene Wilder passed away and the purpose of his visit became clear.

Gene’s Soul knew that he was about to pass to the Other Side. Gene was worried before his passing that we’d forget him. As if such a thing was possible!


It’s impossible to describe the feelings that I get when I think of Gene Wilder. Love, happiness, warmth, and a genuine desire to make others happy are feelings that I get from his beautiful Soul.

Don’t worry, Gene. We will always remember and love you, with smiles and smiles.

These two ghostly visits are further proof that I am doing what I say I’m doing.

Spirits come to me and I tell their stories.








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