Who was General George S. Patton?

Patton Marcus Quote

Considering the unceasing turmoil and world-wide unrest, it was no surprise when General George S. Patton came forward. Spirits on the Other Side come to me so their messages can be heard. They trust me to relay their messages to those who are willing to listen.

It’s difficult to put aside preconceived notions when I do readings on famous Souls. I expected General Patton’s Soul to be wearing a general’s helmet, but what I saw was not the WWII uniform head-covering I expected.


General Patton’s Soul was wearing the uniform of a Roman general! He was resplendent in his shiny gold and red uniform. However, an even greater shock was yet to come.

As General Patton’s Soul stood before me, he was more subdued than I expected. His helmet was held under one arm and his demeanor was not in any way threatening. Instead of the fighting Spirit that I expected, I sensed a warm and learned Soul. Yet, he was still a general. He would draw his sword when needed.

After I recovered from my initial surprise at his Soul’s identity, he informed me that he was formerly Marcus Aurelius! Marcus Aurelius was the Emperor of Rome from 161 to 180 AD and he was known as the last of the Five Good Emperors.

I could feel his goodness. His Soul is mellow, but tough, and his messages reiterate these qualities. I asked him why he came forward? He said:


No doubt in these terrible times!

I asked him what he thought about President Trump. He said,


I asked if he had a message for me, and it was,



In other words, he wants me to continue my readings.

It’s comforting to know that we are being watched by such caring and wise Souls. They feel our pain and they want to help us. General George S. Patton a.k.a. Marcus Aurelius, is offering his services to us, but are we wise enough to listen?

P.S.: He confirmed that as General Patton – he was murdered.

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