Can You Guess: Which U.S. President…

Meme 3.jpg

Welcome to my Oval Office diorama!

I realize that Presidential Souls is a new concept and it can be difficult to grasp, so in an effort to offer visual assistance, I created a Presidential Souls diorama.

The concept in Presidential Souls is this:

  • Everyone has a Soul.
  • I have been given the ability to access the Other Side and speak to Souls.
  • When I speak to a Soul, I perform a Paranormal Psychological Analysis of that Soul.

A Soul can belong to someone who is alive, or the Soul can reside on the Other Side. Either way, the Soul exists, so I can speak to them.

I will NOT communicate with evil Souls. When I encounter them, I cut them off immediately. They are absolutely terrifying!

How did I discover this ability?

I was approached by the United States Presidents. They have a lot to say about the state of their country. They continue to communicate with me.

President Nixon has been extremely vocal. He is fired up – as you can imagine! He’s had more than a few things to say about the wiretaps!

Nixon 2

Ronald Reagan gave me a dire warning yesterday. It terrifies me. If you think  you can handle it, leave me a message.

Oh, and just FYI, Vladimir Putin’s Soul was a trip!

So which former U.S. President has the Soul of Zorro? Find out in Presidential Souls.

Oval Office








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