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The following are examples of actual Celestial Hat Readings and my Paranormal Psychological Analysis of the readings.


  • I’m communicating with a person’s Soul, not the actual person.
  • The Soul doesn’t lie.
  • I refuse to communicate with Dark Souls – I’ll cut the reading off immediately.
  • The names of the individuals in the readings have been changed.

Bicycle Soul

While I was waiting anxiously for my first radio interview to begin, I decided to distract myself by doing a reading on the person who was going to call me for the show. All I had was a first name from an email. I had no idea if Kelly (not his actual name) was male or female.

I did the reading and during one of the commercial breaks, I told Kelly that I performed a reading on him. This is what I told him:

Kelly’s Soul approached me riding a bicycle. It was an older time period and the scene reminded me of the bicycle scene in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”. Kelly performed several tricks on the bicycle and he was very proud of his riding skills. He wore a Newsboy type cap. The Hat was black and white with a small plaid pattern. I told Kelly’s Soul, “Great! I’ve got it!” and I waved goodbye as he exited, but not before he performed a final trick. He made the bike go up on the front wheel only and I told him, “You’re terrific!” as he rode off.

When I told Kelly about his reading, he said he had chills and the hairs on his arms were standing on end. He said he owns several trick bikes and the trick on the front wheel is the one trick he does! He also said I described the hat he actually wears to a “T”!

He didn’t understand why the time period was in the past. I told him that was easy. He loved to do bike tricks in a past life, and his Soul still loves it. He is a great example of a person who is in sync with his Soul. He knows what his Soul loves to do and he does it!

The radio host said he’s known Kelly for many years, and he didn’t know about his bicycle hobby.

Celestial Hat: Newsboy Cap

Bicycle Soul

Bicycle Soul


To Stay or Not to Stay

The following two readings were for a woman who was trying to decide whether to stay in a long-time relationship or not. A look at their Souls showed why her partner has commitment issues.


I was given a clear scene from the 1981 movie, Excalibur. It was Igrayne’s dance and it can be found on YouTube. Shirley is a free-spirit with a dancer’s Soul. Her clothing is similar to Igrayne’s and I knew I was correct because I kept thinking, “Gold coins”. When I found the movie clip after the reading, Igrayne has gold circle bangles, which look like gold coins, on her headpiece.

In addition, Shirley’s headpiece also has an open, gold chain, snood-like weave on her forehead. Otherwise, the headpiece is similar to Igrayne’s.

I was also shown Shirley’s feet. She has bare feet, but her toes were pointed as she danced, like a ballet dancer. She is a more refined dancer than Igrayne. She has classical moves, with a medieval style. This makes her Soul feel very earthy, refined and sensual.

Celestial Hat: Medieval Dancer Headpiece


Igrayne in Camelot

Shirley’s Partner

I clearly understand why Shirley’s partner, John, has commitment issues. Not only is he a cowboy, he has two items that explain his reluctance to allow himself to be “reigned in”.

Cowboys are loners and fiercely independent. John is a true maverick.

He carries a stiff, white lasso. He holds the large circle of the lasso in his left hand and the extra rope of the lasso in his right hand. Both hands have a fierce grip on the lasso. He enjoys the chase, but what does a cowboy do after he ropes in his quarry? He lets it go and moves on. The lasso is highly significant to his character.

He also wears heavy, dark leather chaps. These protect him like armor from that which he hunts. His heart is not shielded, but the lasso keeps his heart at arm’s length. The chaps keep his “manhood” protected and guarded.

His cowboy Hat has warm, soft brown colors. This is a good sign. I’ve seen one person who has a black cowboy Hat and he has the personality to match the dark color, but John’s Hat is earthy, rich and indicates a warm heart.

Celestial Hat: Cowboy Hat

In order to commit, John needs to learn to put down the lasso and take off the chaps.  It is only because of Shirley’s free and independent spirit that has allowed her to tolerate his lack of commitment so far, but sooner or later John needs to decide whether he wants to remain a loner, or settle down with Shirley’s beautiful dancing spirit.


Cowboy Soul



The Test Readings

These are the readings I did for Shirley’s mother and sister. I knew nothing about these two women, other than their first names.

Mother – Betty

This was a tricky reading. I’ve seen Souls with three different Hats, but Betty had one Hat and three different versions of her Soul.

First, a small person appeared. Not a child, but a small woman and she carried a simple wooden chair (no adornments on the wood). She set the chair down, then stacked another chair on top of the first chair, then added a third chair. Then she climbed up to the top of the chairs and jumped onto the back of another woman. The second woman looked like an old peasant woman. She was wearing the Hat. It had a very large, floppy brim and looked like a peasant worker’s Hat. It was grey, with a lighter underside. The peasant woman carried the burden of the smaller woman.

Then a third woman appeared. She was gorgeous. She reminded me of a young Lucille Ball. Her dress was indescribable. It was purple, but the color was so incredible that I could never begin to describe it. It changed color as you looked at it. It went from deep violet to light lavender, and then back to other shades of purple. I didn’t want to take my eyes off it.

The dress was a 1950’s style shirt dress with buttons down the front. She wore black, stylish shoes. Her hair was a soft red/orange color in a short style, like the Maureen O’Hara photo. Betty’s Soul extended her arm towards the peasant woman, like Vanna White pointing out the letters on Wheel of Fortune. She was showing me what this all means.

Betty’s Soul is a beautiful, vibrant woman, but she is weighed down by self-made burdens. The simple chair design indicates these are not large burdens, but they pile up creating a larger burden. The small woman goes to great lengths stacking chairs to create burdens, then she leaps onto her own back, which weighs her down. The burdens make her feel older than she is; like she is less than what she’s worth, like a poor peasant woman.

Betty’s Soul wants to be the gorgeous, smiling Lucille Ball woman that she is. She wants to lose the peasant woman Hat and replace it with a different Hat to match her vibrant Soul.

Celestial Hat: Peasant Worker Hat

Lucy Collage

Betty’s Soul Images


Shirley’s Sister – Amy

I’m given images that I can understand and I immediately saw Marlo Thomas in “That Girl” the 1960’s television show. Amy’s Soul was smiling, cheerful and happy, like “That Girl”. She was also handing out things. She handed out popcorn, balloons and little treats to unseen individuals. She handed me a book.

Her clothes were similar to the opening of “That Girl”, except her smart-looking outfit was black and white, matching her Hat. Her Hat looks exactly like the Hat Marlo Thomas wears in the show opening. Amy’s Soul showed me her cream-colored tights and her shiny black Mary Jane shoes.

Amy’s Hat blew off and she laughed as she ran to catch it. Little candies went flying as they fell from where she had them stored inside her Hat. She keeps them handy as treats to hand out when needed.

Amy’s Soul takes note of the little things that make people happy. Her attention to detail is exquisite. I love books, so she gave me a book. Others get candy, popcorn, balloons – whatever makes them happy. Amy has a very giving, warm, smiling Soul.

Celestial Hat: White “That Girl” Hat

That Girl

Amy’s “That Girl” Soul