What are Celestial Hats?

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Everyone has a Soul. Our Soul is the essence of who we are.

Every Soul wears a Celestial Hat.

It shows the true identity of your Soul.

 It is not a Hat you necessarily wear in this life;

Rather it’s a reflection of your Soul.

 Your Celestial Hat gives valuable clues regarding the state of your Soul.

Are you doing what your Soul loves to do?

Are you stuck on a past life and can’t move on?

Are you aware that you’re stuck?

Are you physically or emotionally ill because you’re not in sync with your Celestial Hat?

Celestial Hats identify the current personality status of your Soul.


Presidential Souls performs a

Presidential Paranormal Psychological Analysis

on former United States Presidents.

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Explore the lives of former United States Presidents as they were in life…

…and as they exist now on the Other Side.


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