About the Presidents

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I came to know each of these men and I grew to love them all, except for one.

One former Commander-in-Chief is a Dark Soul.

I approached the Presidents without judgement and I was rewarded with

laughter, tears and heartbreaking revelations.

I have a favorite President. He’s the trickster in the bunch.

One President won the game they created,

but he was a sneak, and proud of it.

One former President breaks my heart every time I think about him.

Several of them used me as a messaging service to play tricks on each other.

Two men insisted on being included, despite the fact that they are not former United States Presidents.

Their stories are compelling and they deserve to be heard, especially since one of them is extremely put-out about the way we remember his physique.

Some of them danced while others still bear the scars of their time in office as President.

Some Presidents expressed shocking advice about the future of the United States.

These former leaders demanded to be heard and I gave them their voice in Presidential Souls.