Uh Oh, I Tried to Warn You…

Nixon 2

When you read Presidential Souls you open a portal to the Other Side.

For real.

I explain why in the book.

George Washington has already come forth as a full-body apparition, and now one of the first to read Presidential Souls in print has had a…

Nixon 4

She said she was alone and asleep in her bed. There was no one else in the room. There was no one else it could be,  yet she was awakened because someone was slowly pulling the covers off her as she slept. She’s never had an experience like this in her life.

She had been reading Presidential Souls before she went to sleep.

Nixon 3

The presidents never fail to amaze me. I knew they were upset, but due to recent events, they’ve taken it to a new level. President Nixon is pissed, but keep this in mind.

The other presidents have his back.

They stand united in their message in Presidential Souls.

Nixon 1

I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a paranormal experience when you read Presidential Souls, and I can’t promise that you won’t, but one thing is for certain.

I know for a fact that they’ll be with you when you read it.





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