How Brave Are You?

Blog 3

Soul mates? Love? What’s that got to do with the presidents?


It’s about validation.

I received a request to perform Celestial Hat readings for a woman who was having relationship issues. After a lengthy courtship of many, many years, she was debating on whether to stay or leave. I performed a reading on the woman and her significant other. I admire her for wanting to know the truth, for that is true bravery.

The reading revealed the reason for her partner’s commitment issues. He has a warm and loving Soul, but his fiercely autonomous nature makes commitment a threat to his independence. His lack of commitment is not about her, which was great news!


Since I knew this woman (not well, but as an acquaintance), and I’d met her partner once, she requested a test. She asked for readings on her mother and sister. I had their first names only and I knew nothing about them. No picture, no history, no ages…nothing.

Blog 4.jpgThis was exciting! I loved this challenge!

The results?  The woman’s mother said she was freaked out by the readings and they both agreed with my assessment of the mother and sister. They said I nailed it!

The mother said, “Oh my gosh! WOW, I got chills! Holy Toledo!”

I knew the mother would associate strongly with Lucille Ball. The mother said, “All through Europe they called me Lucy, for Lucille Ball…and I was JUST telling this to my co-worker yesterday!”

I also told the mother that her reading was complex. Her Soul showed me three versions of herself, which I’d never seen before. The mother and daughter agree that she is like an onion, with many layers, just as I’d described.

My description of the sister was also dead on, so I passed the test with flying colors!


I created a page with the actual readings so you can see what a reading looks like. I did another reading on a stranger I’d never met before and I only had his first name. Be sure to check out the “Bicycle Soul” reading.

These readings validate that I’m really connecting with a person’s Soul. Your Soul talks to my Soul and tells me what they want you to know.

The presidents talked to me and told me what they want you to know about them. I can’t wait for you to read about the variety of personalities and to hear their messages. Presidential Souls will be out soon!




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