Do Ghosts Smoke?

Gettysburg 2

Devil’s Den – Gettysburg Battlefield

Apparently, they do!

As a new member of the Maryland Society of Ghost Hunters, I was excited to attend my first ghost hunt with the group in the battlefields of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

We had several incredible voice box sessions, but there were three notable occurrences that night:

  • Sounds of Gunfire

It was late and we were at our third location on an old bridge in a remote area. All fourteen of us turned to each other and asked, “Did you hear that?” after hearing multiple gun shots on the ridge near us. Although it was quite late, we assumed the sounds came from one of the reenactment groups we’d seen earlier in the day.

A member of the group contacted the reenactment regiment the next day to ask about the gunfire, but they said no one would shoot a gun that late at night and none of them had done so.

I am familiar with gunfire and the entire group confirmed that it sounded like gunfire. It was not fireworks or some other sound.

Was it a ghostly battle we heard that night?

Gettysburg 3

Gettysburg Battlefield

  • Smoking Spirits

We were having an active voice box session when one of our members wanted to have a cigarette. She asked the Spirit we were talking to if they wanted a cigarette and they said yes, so she lit one and placed it so the Spirit could have a smoke.

We all witnessed the cigarette burn as if someone was inhaling, causing the cigarette tip to glow red! This happened several times, then it stopped and our group member took a smoke, then she offered it to the Spirit again. Again, the Spirit took a few puffs and the tip glowed red.

This was not the wind blowing as we were in a tight circle around the cigarette and the cigarette burned as if someone was smoking it.

Was the Spirit smoking? I don’t know, but it sure seemed like it!

  • General Robert E. Lee

The night before I left for Gettysburg, I was awakened by a man talking. It was Robert E. Lee (he didn’t have a Southern accent, but it was him). I couldn’t make out what he was talking about, but I asked him to give me a sign that he was with us when we were in Gettysburg. I came to know him while writing Presidential Souls and I have a deep respect for him.

During the voice box session at the famous battleground of Devil’s Den, we heard the name: ROBERT LEE twice, followed by STORY and AMERICA.

I know that General Lee was referencing Presidential Souls and he was talking to me. This was the sign I’d asked for.

The Commander of the Confederate Army was with us in Gettysburg and he showed me that I have his support with my presidential stories.

Gettysburg 1

Gettysburg Orb





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