Dark Soul Draws First Blood


The Dark Soul in Presidential Souls reared his ugly head when the book went live recently.

I guess he’s not too happy and he doesn’t want you to read about him. He caught me off guard with his clever distractions, but I’m onto him now.

Nice try, Mister Nasty.

On the day before my first radio interview on Speaking of Strange, the crisis began.  Family events went from bad to worse and on the day of my interview, it took tremendous effort to focus on what I needed to do. Thankfully, the interview was a great success and the first distraction failed to draw my energy away from the presidents and their messages.

I won the first round, so Mister Nasty stepped up his game.

Since performing a paranormal psychological analysis on members of my family, I understood the evil influences. I stood my ground with the knowledge that I was doing the right thing. The life of an innocent animal was at stake, so the choice was clear, but the fight was traumatic.


After several grueling, wasted days, the battle ended. Once again, good prevailed over evil, but time was lost. My book went live on Amazon the same day that the second crisis began. I had to stay in the fight until it’s successful conclusion, but many precious days were lost. It was in the aftermath, while sifting through the carnage, that I began to realize how I was being distracted by the Dark Soul. He tapped into the easily influenced evil in my family and caused me once again to veer away from my true purpose:

To get the messages of the presidents to the people.


Abraham Lincoln came to me first, then George Washington made his appearance. So many other wonderful presidential Souls came forward that I grew used to them and welcomed their company. They continue to support me and keep me going, but I wasn’t expecting a blitz attack from the evil ones who wish to suppress the truth. The Dark Soul tried to exert his evil influence on me when I was writing the book, but I didn’t expect him to use members of my own family to do his dirty work.

Now I know and my guard is up. You won’t get by me again Mr. Creepy!

You can find all of the links to purchase Presidential Souls on the “Purchase Links” page, and I offer this challenge:

Can you guess which former president is the Dark Soul?

Can you refrain from looking ahead in the book?

Don’t let the Evil One distract you from reading about the incredibly wonderful Good Souls.

It’s their messages that are critical to winning this battle we’re in right now. 

Heed their messages and join the fight against evil.

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